Xeno debut
Hangul 제노
Romaja Jeno
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation SHADOW
Occupation Shadow
Squad Building Debris Disposal Squad
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Xeno (제노, Jeno) is a Human SHADOW working in the Building Debris Disposal Squad. He is noted to be very strong.


Xeno is a tall, young man with a well built figure who is considered to be relatively attractive. He has short gray hair with blue eyes and adorns the typical SHADOW attire, consisting of a black and gray collared and buttoned long sleeved shirt although Xeno rolls the ends up above his elbow. Under this is a white shirt and like almost all members of SHADOW, he wears black pants and shoes.


Xeno is a cheerful guy, though it seems that he is not particularly intelligent. He generally won't interfere with what doesn't involve him and is slightly uncultured, seen when he asks a woman to move away from some debris.[1] He has a heavy dialect accent.


While cleaning the debris from the aftermath of a battle, Xeno greets Jiwoon and Old man. He bluntly asks a civilian if she could get off a piece of debris so he could move it. As she moves away, he easily picks up the large piece of concrete and puts it back in the wall it came from. Using his iron, he removes a few of the cracks in the wall. Later when Saesom spots the group with the civilian, he turns them in to Remora. Remora scolds Xeno for not stopping Jiwoon and Old man, but he reasons that it was the Memory Correction Squad's business. Remora asks the group if they knew that they had to finish their work before the marathon came and although they confirmed this, Remora tells the Building Debris Disposal Squad to pull out.

With a giant ice pillar jammed into the middle of the city, Xeno uses a giant gun which emits heat energy and directs it's blast towards it, drenching Old man and Jiwoon in the process while ruining Saesom's hair and he states that it took a while to get the machine to work. He apologizes to Saesom for calling a part timer to work but reveals that everyone was preparing something for the afternoon. Xeno watches as the drama of Saesom leaving unfolds.

As SHADOW repairs a unit damaged by the Villain, Xeno is fixing up a wall and paints the edges of the missing area which allowed it to grow back. Moments after in an office, Xeno watches Remora with his memory erased and almost got shot by him with a Memory Erasing Gun, although Remora was clueless as to what it was at the time. Xeno lifts him up and takes him on a walk outside to prevent him from doing any more damage. Xeno watches as Remora recovers his memories by getting shot by a gun filled with liquid.

Xeno observes in confusion as Old man tries to initiate the Female Superhuman Villain (FSV) into SHADOW. While working on repairs, Xeno comments on how their equipment wasn't working effectively even though it was recently checked. He apologizes to the FSV for the messy state things are in. Xeno and Jiwoon are left speechless when Old man slaps the FSV on the back.

After the FSV takes over SHADOW's building, Xeno saves Ash who was trapped in her laboratory. From then on he lifts her onto his shoulder until they group up with Saesom, Jiwoon and Old man. He carries Old man as the group exits the building and meets up with Remora, Dhalia and Hyomo.

As they all venture back into the building, Xeno along with the others in his group leave Hyomo to deal with a large mob of foot soldiers made up of FSV's followers and hypnotized SHADOW workers. After they run up the stares and reach a storage area, Xeno arms himself with his Gloves and watches as Jiwoon creates another level in the building by painting with Erasing Liquid.

The group is confronted by a few of FSV's minions but Jiwoon and Xeno deals with one of them by sealing him in a broken table with the edges coated in Erasing Liquid. Xeno also knocks out another minion and seals him with broken pillars forcefully joined to the wall. After the SHADOWs figure out a plan, Xeno does his role by ripping out the support pillars on one side of the building and fills the support pillars on the other side with Erasing Liquid, making it grow in length and forcing the building to bend which makes the above floors where the main fight was taking place slant. He comments on the fact that he thinks Avare is a woman who "likes to play dress up in some crazy clothes".

He is next seen dangling outside with safety ropes, fixing the building and then notifying the others in Remora's office about an area called Area 9 that needed to be fixed. He is last seen standing with the other members as Jiwoon walks towards them at the end of the story.


Enhanced Strength: Xeno is much stronger than the average human.

SHADOW Equipment: SHADOW has access to advanced technology with many of the tools made by Aessi.

  • Gloves: Greatly increases the strength of the wearer.
  • Iron: Removes cracks in walls. An instrument that releases Erasing Liquid.
  • Giant Heat Gun: Releases a large beam of heat, effective against ice. (Unnamed)
  • Erasing Liquid: When applied, this will make surrounding areas of a hole in a wall to regrow, filling up the previous hole. This can also create another level in skyscrapers/buildings. (Unnamed)



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