Shin Saesom
Saesom leaves work for school
Hangul 신새솜
Romaja Sinsaesom
Gender Male
Race Superhuman
Ability Internal Intervention
Affiliation SHADOW
Occupation Shadow (Part-time)
High School Student
Relatives Father
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Shin Saesom (신새솜, Sinsaesom) is a Superhuman High School student currently working with Jiwoon, the Old man and Xeno in SHADOW. His ability Internal Intervention allows him to undo locks and puzzles with his energy.


Saesom has short, cropped turquiose hair accompanied by peach-pink eyes. Unlike most main characters, he has yet to don the SHADOW uniform, due to the fact that he is not a full member yet. He is typically seen with casual clothes like his hoodie, and a bagpackk.


He is a person who abides by the rules, shown when he reports to Remora about Jiwoon and the others having a normal human civilian with them while cleaning up, which was against the rules. He seems to have a somewhat close relationship with Mr. Grey and Jiwoon, as he is seen to interact with them the most. 

He is also seen to be quite mature, even advising Jiwoon and reminding him the important advice Old man gave them about not doing something they cannot do. He handles things calmly and is yet to be seen panicking despite knowing about the SHADOW building being attacked.