Hyomo debut
Hangul 효모
Romaja Hyomo
Gender Male
Race Superhuman
Ability Scan
Affiliation SHADOW
Occupation Shadow
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Hyomo (효모, Hyomo) is a Superhuman SHADOW who's always seen with Dhalia. His ability allows him to scan his surroundings over a large radius. His true (or other) powers have not yet been revealed.


Hyomo has dark-grayish hair which is slightly unkempt, his hair styled mostly to the left side of his head. His eyes are of similar colour, and his SHADOW attire consists of a grey and black trench coat style with black pants and shoes. He also wears the typical white dress shirt underneath his coat.


Not much is known of Hyomo due to his lack of appearances, thought he is shown to be a laconic person. He doesn't speak unless necessary, and is often silent. Though he appears stoic, it appears that there is much more to him than that though he hides it very well under his stoic mask. He also comes off as intimidating, especially during the superhuman tests.

He also seems to have a soft spot for Dhalia, making a man pass out when he started blaming Dhalia for all the trouble, when she was not at fault. He is seen to care for her feelings. He also states that he would lose to no one but Dhalia, implying that there might be a deeper meaning to their relationship with each other.


Hyomo appears briefly with Dhalia in the introductions as members of SHADOW. Later, he appears, also with Dhalia, in all white as they both hold the test for superhumans in which only Saesom managed to pass. 

He is revealed to be a formidable opponent, knocking out a large group of enemies with just a single, currently unknown ability. A few remaining standing enemies are shocked, and thought he was trying to be or was a hero, though Hyomo revealed to them himself that he was an ex-villain. 

He appears again in the last chapter standing beside Dhalia when Xeno appears from outside the window, pointing towards an area they call "Area 9" that needed repairing. 


Scan: He has the ability to scan his surroundings over a large radius

Unknown: There is more to Hyomo that has yet to be revealed, and one of them is a skill where he can knock out many enemies, simply by standing there and releasing his power.


  • He is revealed to be an ex-villain by Dhalia to the others, before he states it himself in battle with Avare's henchmen.