Dhalia debut
Hangul 달리아
Romaja Dallia
Gender Female
Race Superhuman
Ability Psychokinesis
Affiliation SHADOW
Occupation Shadow
Status Alive
Debut Chapter 1

Dhalia (달리아, Dallia) is a Superhuman SHADOW who is always seen with fellow SHADOW, Hyomo. Her ability is Psychokinesis.


Dhalia is a pretty woman with long wavy blond hair that extends to her waist and purplish-grey eyes, with front bags covering her forehead. She wears the standard SHADOW coat folded at the elbows with a white shirt underneath, and a very long, flowing pink skirt.


She is seen to be a lady-like woman in her brief appearances, and she is also noted to be very strong, able to punch a large hole in a building with her bare fists. She cares very much for the safety of others, and said that she joined SHADOW so that the incident from 7 years ago would never happen again.


Dhalia appears briefly, floating in air on top of a building with Hyomo by her side in the introductions as members of SHADOW as she starts helping to fix the buildings with her powers. Later, she appears, also with Hyomo, in all white as they both hold the test for superhumans in which only Saesom managed to pass. 

When Avare infiltrates and controls the majority of members in SHADOW, Dhalia, with Hyomo and Remora is seen to try and enter the building, failing because of the regenerating paint released by Avare over the bulding.. She manages to get in when Saesom opens a hole to exit the building. After meeting up with the others, she soon separates with Hyomo as he tells everyone to go on while he fights the henchmen. She tells him that he must come back to her, and he reassures her by saying that he would not lose to anyone but her. She is then seen later on behind Avare, right after the building bends and the main fight starts to begin.

Avare then calls her Ailhard, to which Dhalia states that her name is no longer Ailhard due to the fact that she retired from being a hero. She then insults Avare by saying that she "must have been living in a cave for the last 7 years" due to not knowing about the change in her name. Avare then spits on her cheek, and insults her back, before asking her 'how it feels switching sides". Dhalia replies by saying that there are more heroes and villains fighting than poeple helping the victims of the fights, and that she joined SHADOW to help the people, and that it wasn't because she didn't want to be a hero anymore. She then uses her ability to send Avare's spit back to the owner's cheek, saying that villiains who can't even spit properly aren't even worth her time.

Dhalia then asks Remora for confirmation about her contract, and Remora tells her not to make it too dangerous for Avare, hinting Dhalia's strength to be very destructive to the point that even he worries about Avare, saying that Avare's the one in danger as SHADOW's 2nd rule, which is to not interfere in battles does not apply to Dhalia. Dhalia then playfully pouts, saying that SHADOW couldn't stand her when she was a hero and that they preferred Hyomo because he "never breaks anything".

While talking, Avare does a swift kick and ruins Dhalia's dress, prompting her to rip the bottom half off while saying that Hyomo "would be too shy to face her now". Dhalia fights skillfully against Avare, the fight ending when she breaks a hole in the floor that Avare falls into, landing in a cell. 

She is last seen in the last chapter with Hyomo beside her, saying that she is fine and no longer injured. 


  • It was revealed that when she was a hero, Hyomo was a villain and that he "gave her a hard time" when they fought.
  • Her nickname when she was a hero was "Queen of Destruction" due to the destructive nature of her powers.
  • It is implied that she had a history with Avare in the past.