Ahn Jiwoon
Jiwoon preparing to use large building repair device
Hangul 안지운
Romaja Anjiun
Gender Male
Race Superhuman
Affiliation SHADOW
Occupation Erasing Shadow
Squad Memory Correcting Squad
Status Active
Debut Chapter 1

Ahn Jiwoon (안지운, Anjiun) is a Superhuman Erasing SHADOW working in the Memory Correcting Squad. He is the main protagonist of the story.


He appears to be a young man with red hair which is slightly longer on the right side than the other. He has light blue eyes and wears the standard SHADOW attire, coat unbuttoned with a yellow scarf around his neck, with black pants and shoes.


Jiwoon is caring towards others, as he would save a person he doesn't know. He seems to feel guilty when erasing memories though, even going so far as to ask if there was a way for memories to be restored. He gets very annoyed when heroes and villains battle, as he says that they are "too rough" and give him too much restoring work to do, wishing that their battles could be more "gentle". Jiwoon is also a smart person, immediately figuring out how to turn the battle around in their favour with Avare after a close call with a battle between a hero and a villain previously. 


Jiwoon saves a woman who's driving through an area where a superhuman fight took place by destroying a piece of rubble that almost fell on her car. He then shows off his abilities, as well as allowing her to see how SHADOW works. He soon leaves her outside a building after using memory erasing liquid on her, making her forget all she saw regarding SHADOW that day. He comments that it was a loss as he thought the girl was "pretty cute".

Jiwoon is then next seen with Mr. Grey and Saesom next to a huge rock of ice, which a small portion was blasted by Xeno using a Giant Heat Ray Gun. He then teases Saesom who is leaving for school about 'getting more physical' so that he could grow taller. He then calls Saesom to try and get him to skip his physical examination, knowing that he'd pass and that he deemed it not necessary for him to take it because of that. Saesom disagrees, and together with Mr. Grey Jiwoon goes to see the physical tests despite Remora's annoyance about it. He then finds out that only superhumans could remember the superhuman test, as humans forget about it the minute they leave the area. Jiwoon then states that heroes and villains could be detected this way, although Mr. Grey counters by saying that "it is not SHADOW's business to know whether that 1 in 10,000 superhuman will be a hero or a villain" and that it is not easy to find out. After Saesom successfully uses his power, he is greeted by Jiwoon and Mr. Grey with a 'congratulatory gift' for passing the test.

During a cleanup, he activates Eraser Rain, which erases memories of anyone within the vicinity to forget about superhuman activities that occur. He fails to activate it and Remora is able to activate it soon, albeit realising too late his bracelet is not working. He loses memories regarding SHADOW, and Jiwoon panics. He tries to help Remora regain his memories though he does not pass up the opportunity to try and be superior to Remora, in which Remora begrudgingly agrees to much to Jiwoon's pleasure. He then blocks a shot from the memory erasing liquid gun which was fired by Remora from hitting anyone else.

Ash appears and Jiwoon relays what happened to her. He follows her to her lab and finds out that Mr. Grey is in fact the "master key"  of SHADOW, though it is still unclear as to what that meant. Jiwoon is happy when Ash successfully makes Remora regain his memories again, and Jiwoon goes into thought, thinking that this is the first time any SHADOW member has lost their memory. It is then that he asks Ash if it was possible "to recover memories erased with something other than eraser rain", to which Ash says it's not possible.

Jiwoon then has a flashback of when he still did not know he was a superhuman. Water burst from the tanks and he accidentally released his powers, causing everyone to forget who he was.

During a fight between a hero and a villain, he scolds them by telling them to fight in an area with less objects to repair should there be extensive damage, only to be saved by a hero when a building suddenly extends as he paints a hole to fix it. He is later reprimanded by Remora for interfering, and Remora states that if Jiwoon was gone, there would be no one to help restore buildings and erase memories. He adds on by saying that Jiwoon did not know what happened 7 years ago, when SHADOW was in chaos as a whole city was destroyed. He then advises Jiwoon to protect himself so that he can protect others, to which Jiwoon counters by saying that it was no good to survive alone, and that he does not mind getting hurt so long as he can restore everything and help as many people as possible.

Jiwoon is next seen where he voices his suspicions to Xeno regarding Mr. Grey's sudden liking for a newcomer. He then confronts Mr. Grey about it, by saying that the "new guy" was actually a girl. Right after that, Avare reveals herself as Mr. Grey tells him to warn the others about her, and that they can't beat her. 

Jiwoon manages to get in contact with Ash, who says that if Avare is in control of Mr. Grey then she could very well destroy SHADOW and that Jiwoon must erase Mr. Grey's memories to prevent that from happening. As he hesitates to do so, Saesom appears, chastising him and repeating Mr. Grey's advice to him. They soon meet up with Xeno and Ash after Xeno rescues her. They also meet up with Dhalia, Hyomo and Remora after Saesom opens a space with his powers. After taking new tools to fight back, they decide to "give Avare a taste of her own medicine".

They all run to the top of the building together to battle with Avare. Jiwoon gets an idea from the previous battle he witnessed and manages to fight back with Erasing Liquid he found in the equipment room, surprising Avare. He later separates from everyone, teaming up with Dhalia to confront Avare. He is not seen with Dhalia when she battles him, but he appears again in front of the cell which Avare falls into, sitting on a chair hinting that Dhalia and he had planned this to happen.

Avare then insults him by underestimating him. Jiwoon then tries to get the cube back from Avare in an attempt to get Mr. Grey's memories back, but she kicks him and send him flying back. Avare keeps insulting Jiwoon, saying that SHADOW is "too pathetic and weak to ever be a match" for her. Jiwoon then uses his powers to make a hole in a pole and grabs her by her collar, while she later insults him further saying that he can't do anything because he is neither a hero nor a villain, and that he is nothing.

Just then, a bell gently rings and Jiwoon realises that "shadows change their shape according to whatever shape is in front of them". He then gets the cube, and after seeing the faded spots around he realises that when he is upset, the colours fade, he uses his powers to erase the colours and renders the cube useless once it turns all white before passing it back to Avare. Avare then becomes pissed because she can no longer do anything, and simply keeps quiet as Jiwoon erases her memories.

He is next seen in the last episode, being reprimanded by Remora again for being a hero when he was not supposed to. He then flashbacks to when he erased Avare's memories, and he states that if he could save people by erasing memories, he would do it again without hesitation.

Mr. Grey, along with Ash then come into the office and Jiwoon gets emotional as he was worried about them, especially Mr. Grey. When he gets the notice that Area 9 needs to be fixed, he got irritated as they haven't even fixed their own building yet. It ends with him giving out a SHADOW business card before the memory erasing liquid is splashed onto the screen. He is last seen going towards the other members of SHADOW, concluding the entire story.


Eraser: Jiwoon is capable of removing all signs of damage on an object as long as all the pieces are in place.

Memory Eraser: He is capable of erasing memories, and humans who wear the special bracelet made by Ash will not get affected by it.



  • His name, Ahn Jiwoon (안지운) means 'Not Deleted'.
  • He is the only character to always have light blue eyes, which is a temporary trait for people using their ability.
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